Baby Whale


This unique, quirky and fun range of animal planters make the perfect gift for any plant enthusiast (or for yourself!)




Aloes do best in shade. Brownish leaves are a good sign that your plant would enjoy a shadier spot.


Succulents, cacti & aloes survive by holding water in their leaves. They prefer to dry out thoroughly in-between waterings.

So Succulent soil mix is designed to be light and airy, to assist your plant to dry quickly after watering and keep it healthy for years to come!

So Succulent planters don’t have drainage holes – so they won’t wreck your furniture! This does mean that less water is required, and less often.


Aloes are best watered every 3-4 weeks. Limp leaves or dry tips are a good sign that your plant would like a drink.

POT SIZE: Baby whale planter measures 7.5cm tall, not including plant.