Sealing Wax- Mixed Colours


There's something special about sending and receiving mail, an invitation or a gift that has been beautifully packaged and topped with a wax seal.

Even better is the satisfaction of stamping and creating a perfectly circular seal. Do you struggle with different results each time you try to make a wax seal? Use wax granules to help ensure that you're using the same amount of wax each time. Try using 3 wax granules per seal (using a 2.5cm/ 1in stamp).


  • Random mix of colours. Some have a glossy finish, others have a pearly, shimmery finish
  • At least 100 wax granules per bag
  • Makes approx 30-40 wax seals
  • Melt the granules in a wax sealing spoon over a candle flame
  • We have tried our best to capture the colour as accurately as possible however there may be slight differences between different computer monitors