WilliamMcInnes Fatherhood

by B84

ISBN: 9780733635540

BINDING: Paperback

CONDITION: Very good

PUBLISHED: 2018, 304p

DESCRIPTION: William McInnes - Fatherhood: stories about being a Dad

'Bestselling author and acclaimed actor William McInnes returns with a book about a subject close to his own heart: Fatherhood.

One of Australia's best-known storytellers and actors, Fatherhood is about family, about memories of his father and the memories he's creating as a dad himself, with his own son and daughter.

Warm, witty and nostalgic, these tales are just like a friendly chat over the back fence, or the banter of a backyard BBQ. They will stir your own memories: of hot summer days and cooling off under the sprinkler while Dad works in the garden with the radio tuned to the sports results; that time Dad tried to teach you to drive - and then got out of the car and kissed the ground; or taking your own kids on a family road trip.

Fatherhood is full of memories: the happy, the hilarious, the sad, bad, and the unexpectedly poignant moments. You will laugh, you may even cry - but you will recognise yourself and those you love somewhere in these pages.'