Metal Rose raw

by S44

What does a metal worker do when his wife doesn’t particularly like flowers? That’s right, he designs a builds a CNC plasma cutter, designs and cuts out individual petals, welds them to a stem which he carefully bashes (with a hammer) into a more natural “plant-y” looking shape, followed by heating every petal to red hot and then shaping them to look like a real rose. Aaaaaannnd I’m out of breath. Also it takes a little bit of time to actually make each one. Every one is individual, like all roses.

Our metal roses are made from 1.6mm mild steel, with a 6mm stem.

They make a great decoration for either inside or in the garden. Please note that if you keep them outside they will eventually gain a nice rusty exterior.

Stem length will vary, the longest measures about 45cm long.