Copper Hammered Bottle


Did you know that Copper is a vital mineral for your health and well-being?

Based on Ayurvedic principles drinking water from a copper vessel is the most simple and holistic way to balance all three doshas.

Our Copper water bottles naturally purify the water in 1 hour cleaning your drinking water. When you leave water in the copper bottle for 8 hours (overnight) the water is super charged with copper. For the best results it is suggested to drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

Health Benefits:
Copper water aides your digestion, is anti inflammatory, assists our body to absorb iron, the functioning of the thyroid gland, stimulates cell regeneration for healthy joints, skin and hair.

Size: 1 Ltr
Pure Copper
Premium Leak Proof

Slight variations may occur due to being handcrafted your bottle will naturally patina.

How to Clean:
To restore and clean your copper drink bottle use lemon and salt, rinse in warm water.