Tim Winton Island home

by B84

ISBN: 9781926428741

BINDING: Hardback

CONDITION: Used - very good

PUBLISHED: 2015, First edition

DESCRIPTION: Tim Winton   Island home - a landscape memoir

'I grew up on the world's largest island.'

This apparently simple fact is the starting point for Tim Winton's beautiful, evocative and sometimes provocative memoir of how this unique landscape has shaped him and his writing.

For over thirty years, Winton has written novels in which the natural world is as much a living presence as any character and what is true of his work is also true of his life. From boyhood, his relationship with the  rockpools, sea caves, scrub and swamp around him has been as vital as family connection. Camping in hidden inlets on the south coast, walking in the high rocky desert fringe, diving at Ningaloo Reef, bobbing in the ocean between sets, Winton has felt the place seep into him, with its rhythms, its dangers, its strange sustenance, and learned to see landscape as alive.

Island Home is the story of how that relationship with the Australian landscape came to be, and also a passionate exhortation for all of us to feel the ground beneath our feet.  Much more powerfully than any political idea, the physical entity of Australia defines us in ways we too often forget to our detriment, and the country's.

Wise, rhapsodic, exalted – Island Home is not just a brilliant, moving insight into the life and art of one of our finest writers, but a compelling investigation into the way our country makes us who we are.'  Inside blurb