Original Heat Pack in Peppermint


Our Heat/Cool Packs are proudly filled with Australian Grown Lupins!

They retain the heat longer and have low to no odor.

Our original size Heat Pack is 13.5x28.5cm 

Our covers are MACHINE WASHABLE!
I've made these with you in mind! Don't buy a new heat pack every time yours gets dirty and save yourself the spot cleaning hassle. 

Don't stress about the mess; simply remove your cover and pop it in the wash on a gentle cycle (cold wash preferred) to extend the life of your heat pack, or change it up with a new cover when the mood strikes WITHOUT having to buy a completely new heat pack. Line dry for best results and iron for some extra pizzaz!

Please note all are handmade and pattern placement will vary

HEAT: Adjust the following guidelines to suit your microwave wattage: microwave in 30 second increments until your desired temperature is achieved (approx 60-90 seconds total), shake to evenly disperse heat.
Do not use without the cover. 


COOL: Wrap your pack in a freezer bag or plastic bag and place in the freezer, it can be stored there for frequent use or around one hour to use as a cool pack.


WARNING: DO NOT OVERHEAT as this can cause burns if placed on your skin or damage your heat pack.