Amethyst Crystal 10mm stretch bracelet


This Chevron Amethyst Bracelet is made from good quality Chevron Amethyst beads which display a semi-translucent rich purple colour with a white zig zag chevron banding across many of the beads.  Very much a stone for empath's or those who feel as though they are being drained or influenced by other people's energy - if thats you get yourself some Chevron Amethyst.


Healing Properties Attributed to Amethyst:

Amethyst is a very old and ancient stone, one of the first stones ever to be used by man. By far one of the best the protection, cleansing and energetic transformation stones. Can awaken your spiritual side; stimulating your intuition and other awareness talents, giving you insight into your everyday and beyond.


Holistic information attributed to Chevron Amethyst:

A marvelous spiritual healing stone, Chevron Amethyst will cleanse and rejuvenate all chakras and energy sources it is placed with the energetic field of. A particularly potent stone to protect against and repel negative energies. Can also be directed to protect your own personal energy, preventing you from being drained.