Fluted Jar Soy Wax Candle

6.5cm diameter, 9cm high (including lid)
Lovingly hand-poured premium soy wax candle using quality luxaroma fragrance and essential oils and a specialised cotton and braided-paper wick for a superior burn.
Allow the wax to achieve a full melt on the first burn (2-3 hours depending on climate). Trim the wick to ~5mm after each burn using your finger tips or sharp scissors. By letting the candle achieve a full melt on each burn you will get the most life out it.
To reuse your glass jar gently heat any remaining wax until fully melted. This can be done in the oven at around 50° or using a hair dryer. Pour the melted wax into an old jar if necessary then wipe the container clean with a paper towels and wash with warm, soapy water.
Lovingly handmade in Melbourne, Australia.
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