Self Love Crystal Kit

We all need a little love sometimes, especially ourselves. Use this Crystal Support Kit to connect and give a little love back to yourself!
These Crystal Support Kits can be used in so many ways. Try using when meditating, take with you when you leave the house or place them under your pillow at night.
Each Kit comes in a Cotton bag with a Crystal Card explaining what area each Crystal can give you support in.
Rose Aura Quartz
Rose Aura Quartz is the stone of universal love and infinite peace. Working directly with the heart chakra, it promotes unconditional love, compassion & self love. Rose Aura Quartz is the perfect stone for all emotional healing and has a calm & gentle energy. Bringing the body into balance, this beautiful crystal will fill you up with love.
Cherry Blossom Agate
Erasing all fear & self doubt, Cherry Blossom agate, also known as Flower agate encourages self growth. This beautiful stone connects the heart & root chakras. Cherry Blossom Agate can be used after recent stress or trauma to help heal and soothe and is ideal for recovery and restoring emotional balance.Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz, one of the most known Crystals due to it ability to amplify energy. An incredibly protective stone, it balances, harmonises and wards off negativity. It is a great Crystal for attuning to your higher self and relieving pain. This gorgeous stone is absolutely the "Master Healer" of all crystals.
Mangano Calcite
Mangano Calcite is a stone of forgiveness, forgiveness of others & ourselves. It helps heal our heart and encourages compassion towards others and ourselves. Increases the flow of energy from our Crown Chakra to our Heart Chakra helping us feel universal love. Mangano Calcite gives us the confidence to be unapologetically who we are.
Peach Selenite
Peach Selenite is an extraordinary healer and a transformation stone. It helps us to increase self esteem, self awareness and willpower. Beneficial for healing old emotional wounds and transforming negativity into love, forgiveness, and self acceptance.