Beauty drops_S

by T8-2


The Beauty Drops Vase:
Warm wood tones and a sparkling glass teardrop bulb let you and your guests see and appreciate the intricate root system of a living plant. It’s a subtle but effective way to experience the uplifting benefit of connecting with nature in your own home or office.

Our plants, plant vases, and home decor perform double-duty as decorative vases, modern art, and air-filtering moments of zen. Introduce living art to immediately refresh and give new life to your space.



The low-maintenance deco is best kept in filtered sunlight indoors, and require only a weekly or at least monthly change of water to keep the water clean and also provide the root with oxygen to survive nicely.



Beauty Drops Single Vase - 89mmX72mmX122mm



**The product comes WITH plant.

**The plant variety is subject to availability.

**Above dimensions EXCLUDING the plant.