Vanadinite Morocco Pendant


Vanadinite if asked what is the one thing that can help mankind from all sorts of troubles? The answer can be none other than ‘Gemstone’. Now, this is because they are naturally occurring substances in their crudest form in Mother Nature. They not only enhance the look of the person sporting them but also protect the person from various evils and negativity. True that the gemstones have a lot of demand which is sometimes the productivity doesn’t meet the demand scale. 

There are many gems around the world. It is a well-known fact that each one of them has different physical properties and healing aspects. Each person is required to use a different gemstone as per their birth month. There are some gems that are not determined by the month of the birth but instead everyone is free to use them on a regular basis for everyday benefits and goodness. Speaking of the present gem, the ‘Vanadinite’ is a bright red hued one. This gemstone is the most beautiful one even in its crudest form. It is said that different chemical reactions and transformations have been the reason for the vanadinite formation. It is easy to identify this gem among the others, the reason for this can be told as the color and the structure.

36.02 CRT 


925 silver pendant 

Natural orange Morocco