Golden rutile silver ring


The spicule-like formations of Rutile often termed to heal the problems and eliminate the issue from the root. Since ages, it is conceived that these spur like inclusions help to take decisions about the resultant.

In the ancient period, Rutile often contemplated to strengthen the aura by stabilizing the emotions and relationships. It is a gem that evokes the romantic feeling, romance. It too proffers the insight to handle the past traumas and release them completely from the emotional and intellectual torso. It too helps in astral travel, moreover serve to recall the past beautiful moments of life. It is a gem nugget that likewise help to enhance the meditative state and accomplish the highest state of self. The pre-eminence of the stone too help to intensify clairvoyance as well as help to augment the intuitive abilities.

On the physical ground, Rutile help to ease the trouble of bronchitis in addition to impotence. It too enhances fertility and help to boost lactation. The resonating energy of the stone too helps to reinforce the blood vessels as well as veins. 


Rutile is regarded to be associated with the planet Venus, thus contemplate to hold the potential energies of the Venus too.

Sone Cts 12.34 

stye Ring 

size 8 inch 

weight Gms 6.02

stone Exotic