Petrified wood citrine pendant


Peanut petrified wood ,Recognized to be a jewel boulder of riches, it serves its carrier to pilot the success or growth in business. It is too evaluated to be a jewel boulder of protection from the evil as well as protection from the negativity of the surrounding aura of its carrier. The gentle eminence of peanut wood nurtures the overall torso of its carrier in a steady manner. This jewel boulder is likewise appraised to link the spirit of its carrier with the divine spirit of the nature. Further, Peanut Wood would give its carrier strength to face the challenges or the difficult situations of the life. It supports its carrier by offering insight to look into the pros and cons of any action taken.


A joyful stone with bright yellow luminosity, Citrine has brightened up the lives of many people by bringing good fortune and luck. Amongst several crystals, Citrine is eminent as a crystal bestowing affluence and prosperity and has also been known as the “Success Stone”. Citrine silver jewelry majorly helps the wearer in his / hers business, and it is believed that if it is kept in the money box, it can pool a lot of wealth, which has made it earn another name of being a “Merchant’s Stone”.

. 925 Silver 

. Pendant 

. Peanut Petrified Wood Stone 

. second Stone Citrine 

. stone size crt 17.88

. Size inch 1 5/8

. Weight gams 7.45

. Citrine rough