Eko Parlour guitar

by W7


DETAILS: EKO NXT PARLOR Natural - Acoustic Guitar

Moving with the trend of very small shapes, this guitar is a good choice for the new generation of guitar players, looking for a very good quality/price ratio but also interested in a stylish design.

The gloss finish, the design of headstock and bridge, the smooth and rounded shapes, different sizes of dots on the fretboard, and the X logo at the twelfth fret for an attractive and elegant look with the Italian taste: very high value details for an entry level guitar.
Suitable as a first guitar to take lessons and to exercise, with a very comfortable feeling, but also as a next guitar for more advanced players. This guitar is also recommended for smaller children and for girls and is a great tool for business travelers that want to take with them an instrument easy to carry but with a full scale fretboard.

- Small Shape Design
- Glossy finish
- Slotted Headstock
- Quality Tuners as on more expensive series
- Rounded Binding for smooth feeling
- Different Dots sizes and inlays logo at XII fret


ORIGIN: Unknown

SIZE: 99cm H x 31cm W x 10cm D