Australian Bushland Soy Candle - White Bowl


SIZE: 315g  11.2cm diameter x 5.5cm high

DETAILS: Handpoured soy wax candle in a white porcelain bowl. Triple wicked for a perfect burn. Sensational scent throw.

FRAGRANCE: Australian Bushland. Smells just like walking in the bush after rain on a warm summer's day. Base notes of lemon and pine, complemented with eucalyptus, patchouli and sandalwood. Refreshing and uplifting.

INGREDIENTS: 100% premium soy wax, quality luxaroma fragrance and essential oils, specialised cotton and braided-paper wicks for a superior burn. 

ORIGIN: Handmade in Melbourne.

CANDLE CARE: Allow the wax to achieve a full melt on the first burn (2-4 hours depending on climate). Trim the wicks to ~5mm after each burn using your fingertips or sharp scissors. By letting the candle achieve a full melt on each burn you will get the most out of it (true for all candles). Avoid breezes.