John R. Burley, Money Secrets of the Rich! Learn the 7 Steps to Financial Freedom

by A11

ISBN: 1929238002

BINDING: Paperback



DESCRIPTION: In this hands-on money book, John Burley helps readers create a plan to reduce and eliminate debt in record time, reduce expenses 20-50% without affecting standard of living, set up an automatic investment plan with very little money, and develop the money habits of the rich. This book will teach you: The truth about money Why you don't need money to start investing How to become debt-free in 3 - 7 years including your house and cars How to reduce your expenses 20-50% without affecting your standard of living How to set up an automatic investment plan that makes you rich The book guides readers step-by-step through the seven MONEY SECRETS OF THE RICH, with a unique approach that not only tells people 'what' to do but 'how' to do it. The psychology and mindset of the wealthy are explored as Burley helps readers to understand and explode their financial mindset roadblocks.