Geraldine O'Brien, Dynasties 2: More Remarkable and Influential Families

by A11

ISBN: 9780733317675

BINDING: Paperback



DESCRIPTION: Aarons - Archer - Ashton - Belgiorno-Nettis - Boyd - Forrest - Kidman - Street. Each of these families has in some way influenced Australia whether by social activism, entertainment, business, mining, agriculture, exploration or through the law. Some were once household names; some are still. Yet none are the same. Some are families that have been in Australia for generations and have seen their influence dwindle or grow. Others are relatively new. But each family has its own unique shape and set of internal forces which affect the legacy they leave. Drawing on research and interviews from the hugely popular ABC Television series, Dynasties 2 retells the stories of eight families examines how this dynastic legacy has shaped their lives.