Wylie Sypher, Art History: An Anthology of Modern Criticism

by A11

ISBN: Unknown

BINDING: Paperback

CONDITION: Acceptable


DESCRIPTION: Ours has been called an age of criticism, and there are at least two apparent reasons for the extraordinary vitality shown by modern critics of the arts. One is that the arts themselves have been going through a period of feverish change and activity. When we review what has happened since Cèzanne, Rodin, and Sullivan, we must be convinced that there have been few eras more revolutionary in painting, sculpture, and architecture. One of the most invigorating movements in Western art was Cubism. Developing as it did from Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, Cubism spread dynamically into every medium because it expressed certain fundamental revisions in our living and thinking.  We need not give credit to the Cubists alone for this thoroughgoing revolution; they simply moved with the times, with the tide that brought new forms of music, poetry, science, philosophy, and politics. Cubism was symptomatic.