Gunter Schaule, Holtermann's Nugget

by A11

ISBN: 0958580553

BINDING: Paerback



DESCRIPTION: This historical novel tells the true story of an amazing life in 19th century Australia. Was Bernhardt Holtermann murdered by his mistress, by his wife, or by a business partner? The story details Holtermann's rise from penniless immigrant to one of the county's richest men, Member of Parliament, and modern artist. His gigantic photographs won prizes at the world exhibitions in Philadelphia and in Paris. - He had started out digging for gold for 8 years, until he found his huge reef gold nugget. On this basis, Bernhard made most of his money in the stock market, in international trading, and in manufacturing. With his wife Harriet and their many children he lived in a grand mansion overlooking Sydney Harbour, but the love of his life was Victoria.