Decongest blend roller


So many of you have asked for a congestion blend and here it is! Decongest is ideal for when you are feeling congested in the upper or lower respiratory tract. It contains thyme essential oil which not only boosts the immune system, but can help with excess mucus, sore throats, chest infections, bronchitis and shallow breathing. Decongest also contains eucalyptus, a well known decongestant, which is recommended for colds, flus, bronchial congestion, sinus issues and blocked noses.

Apply to chest, throat and upper back when needed. Also apply to palms of the hands, cup over nose and inhale deeply, being careful not to touch your eyes.

100% pure essential oils in fractionated coconut oil for rapid absorption. We only use the highest quality oils for optimum safety and effectiveness.

  • INGREDIENTS:   Fractionated coconut oil and therapeutic grade essential oils.