Essential Oil Candle - Chakra


Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Candle

Our Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Candle is a unique blend of 7 essential oils with 7 different types of Crystals. This means no matter which chakra is out of balance our candle will help to realign them.

We have used a natural wooden wick. When you are quietly relaxing or meditating you will hear the crackle of the wood burning.  Presented in our new beautiful luxury glassware and gift box.

You should receive approximately 60 hours of burning pleasure.

Please leave 1 cm of unburnt wax in the bottom of the jar to prevent overheating of the glass and potential cracking. As the soy wax is water soluble you can just wash your crystals and keep them. All our candles are soy.

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Use freely whenever you are feeling out of sorts or need calming and centering. This will help to restore emotional balance, relaxation and mental clarity.


Crown – Rosemary – Clear Quartz

Third Eye – Patchouli – Amethyst

Throat – Lavender – Blue Quartz

Heart – Rose Geranium – Peridot

Solar Plexus – Ylang Ylang – Citrine

Sacral – Sandalwood – Carnelian

Base – Vetiver – Garnet