Enid Blyton, The Adventures of Binkle and Flip

by W9

ISBN: Unknown

BINDING: Hardcover

CONDITION: Acceptable


DESCRIPTION: You never met such a pair of rascals as Binkle and Flip Bunny! They spend all their time playing tricks on their neighbours, and are a perfect nuisance to the other inhabitants of Oak Tree Town. But, naughty as they are, you'll love Binkle and Flip, and all the other nice people you'll meet in these stories of their adventures - Sammy Squirrel, Mowdie Mole, Brock the Badger, Dilly Duck, Willy Weasel and the Policeman, and lots more. And when you reach the last page and find these two bunnies have decided to be good in future - well, of course you won't believe it!